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Arapahoe County bail bonds hears about this happening all the time. A person lands in jail. Their first thought is about the quickest way to get out of jail and return home. Certainly, the first step is to request a bail to be set for the individual. Generally, that person is allowed to put up a bail and be released. The bail could be cash, property, or a bond. The person gives this in payment to the court, to assure the court that they will appear at a later date. However, if that person does not show up in court on the date assigned, the court gets to keep the bail and they will issue an arrest warrant for the individual that failed to show up in court on the assigned court date.

Please note the cities in Arapahoe county: Foxfied, Centennial, Sheridan, Deer Trail, Englewood, Cherry Hills, & Glendale

Arapahoe County bail

It is important to remember that the bail serves a very important purpose in Arapahoe County and across the state. The bail bond is a way to assure the court that the person will show up in court on the assigned day. Full bond payment is mandatory for the release of the person that was arrested and placed in jail. In addition, it should be noted that the bail might have several fees attached too. There are several types of bonds that are accepted by Arapahoe County. We will take a closer look in the following.

  • Cash Bond – The full bond is paid in cash to the court, returned upon appearing in court.
  • Property Bond – Real property is used in place of cash at the Arapahoe county clerk’s office.
  • Surety Bond – This type of bond is posted by a bondsman.
  • Personal Recognizance Bond- The court is allowed to authorize this bond that is based on the defendant’s signature to appear in court at an assigned date.
  • PR Bond With Cosigner – The defendant must find another person that will sign for their bond.

Bail requirements

Often, contacts would like to know if their family member actually qualifies for bail. We would like to clear confusion up about this important matter. Generally, everyone qualifies for bail. However, there are some exceptions worth noting. The court judge might deny bail for any individual that is accused of a violent crime or murder.

In addition, the judge sets the bail for those that qualify for bail. The judge usually looks at the defendant’s background, whether they are an escape risk, their criminal history, whether they are a danger to others, along with other important factors before actually setting a bail amount.

Court appearances

We would like to emphasize that it is important to show up in court on the appointed date, after getting released on bail. Those were the requirements set forward in the bond. A judge might issue a warrant for anyone that fails to show up on the appointed court date, increase the bail amount, or have them arrested.

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Jail Fee: $10.00 per bond.

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