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PDQ is a Colorado-based family-owned company that has provided Aurora bail bonds services in Aurora for over 30 years. PDQ has fully licensed bondsmen working throughout the state of Colorado. Our Aurora Bail Agents handle all types of bonds. We have a careful selection of the bondsmen to be part of us.

Our bondsmen genuinely care about clients and will do everything possible to help them resolve the unfortunate situations in their lives. Our bondsmen have worked with us for over ten years and therefore they are aware of all the necessary procedures. Our agents have been mentored and trained making them have a comprehensive knowledge of the court systems.

Our bondsmen are very willing to answer any questions so as to help you, a relative or a friend understand the bail procedures. While the court system is very intimidating and causes anxiety, PDQ replaces this with information and counseling hence making you a new person.

Aurora bail bonds

Aurora bail bondsmen are always available to respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year and at any jail time. Never will our bondsmen get tired of your calls even on the odd hours. You can call us to get free advice when you or a loved has need jailed in Aurora and its surroundings. All court processes are overseen by the judicial system and in each case, the court provides justice for every individual. When it happens that you are jailed then you can always consider our bail bonds.

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Sometimes we make mistakes. PDQ is not here to judge you, relative or friend. Our key business is helping those people who find themselves in bad situations. At your sour moments, the last thing you expect is someone looking down on you. Count on us at such moments and reach us on 303-778-0026.

You can make inquiries on domestic violence bonds, DUI bonds, Traffic as well as juvenile bail bonds. You can ask about the costs, appearances, locations and division of courts, terms of probation and any other information that you think will be of great importance when you taking the bail bonds.

PDQ has simplified the process as it is completed electronically. If you are having challenges completing the filling of the form and signing, you can call our ever ready bondsmen.

How Aurora bail bond works?

  • The jail collects a $50 fee
  • The bondsman is required by the jail to make an appointment before posting a bond of whichever category.
  • After the bond has been posted by the bondsman, the defendant should be released within 1-4 years
  • Our bail agents can complete the bail transactions electronically through emails, faxes and credit cards or visit the jail in person.


Direction to Aurora Jail

When you need a bail bond fast call PDQ 303-778-0026