All about Boulder County Bail Bonds

Anyone accused of committing a criminal act, those individuals are most commonly arrested and taken to jail. Before they can be released from jail while pending trial, the family members or close ones must bail them out, or pay a bail bonds agency to step in and take over the process.

What are bail bonds?

A bail bond is typically a kind of bond that is used in order to achieve the release of anyone who is incarcerated or has been permitted bail to be released pending trial. Once the bail has been posted on behalf of the suspect, the defendant is then securely released from custody pending the final outcome of the trial. In case, the individual does not return to court for scheduled trials, the bail amount will then be forfeited, as well as any collateral filed with the court as part of the bail bonds.

Skipping bail describes the act of accused individuals failing to make necessary court appearances. When the accused individuals skip bail, the court has the right to issue a bench warrant for the arrest and schedule a court appearance on the matter. In case, the defendant misses the court appearance, the bail amount will be forfeited. This has made many bail bond agencies work in conjunction with bounty hunters in order to find out the accused that have skipped bail, so as to bring them back before they have to be forfeited.

Who issues bail bonds?

A bail bond is commonly issued by licensed bail bondsmen. The average cost of hiring a bail bondsman to get someone out of jail until the closure of the case is right around 10-20 percent of the actual bond cost. This does not include any necessary and reasonable expense incurred with the association of the transaction. Bail bond agencies do not determine the cost of the bonds. This is up to the court to decide the bail amount.

Bail bonding agencies are invaluable sources to have. This is because not everyone is able to afford the cost of bail immediately if it is issued. For those who already have the money for bail, the process of withdrawing the required funds may become a little difficult given their position behind bars. The reputed bail bonding agencies recognize this fact and thus act as sureties between the arrested individual and the state. Once the bail amount has been set, bail bonds agencies then do the necessary paperwork and take other steps in the booking and releasing process.

If you have been arrested, or if you are ever arrested, the first thing you should do is to connect with a bail bond agency. At PDQ Bail Bonds, we are familiar with the Bail Bonds Boulder County process and thus assure you a quick release out of jail until the court appearance.

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Using Collateral to Cover Aurora Bail Bond

Not every arrested individual affords to post bail when required. Depending on the reason for the arrest, the bail bond can be expensive and may require a significant amount of money upfront. However, bail bonds services make it more accessible to everyone, irrespective of income or social status.

The bail bond agency usually requires a written agreement signed by the arrested individual assuring the defendant’s appearance in court whenever there is a hearing. The companies charge a premium in exchange for agreeing to pay the entire bond amount. This amount is decided as a percentage of the total amount. Legally, the bail bondsmen are allowed to take 10 percent of the total bond amount.

So, what can you do to secure a bond if you don’t have the cash on hand to pay the premium? The answer is to use collateral!

What is collateral?

Collateral is a kind of security deposit that the bond applicant needs to provide the bail bonding agency in order to gain approval for the bond. The objective of the collateral is to avoid the surety’s exposure and to support the bond, as an assurance that the bond applicant will make all of the court dates and fulfill all of the legal obligations.

Forms of Collateral!

Typically, investment securities and assets including cash, expensive items, and documents of title can be utilized for offering required security. However, the kind of securities acceptable by bail bond agencies often varies. For example, the provided kind of asset may be accepted by a bail bondsman, while another agency may refuse to accept that as collateral.

While working with a bail bondsman, if you want to use collateral instead of cash, it will be up to the bondsman to determine what is acceptable as collateral. In general situations, the bondsman accepts something that has a value at least 150 percent of the total value of the bond. The reason is simple, that if the individual skips bail, the bondsman in the future can sell the item put up as collateral to cover the lost bond.

The items you can present as collateral again depend on the bond agent. The most common financial item to be used as collateral include property (such as residential or commercial), jewelry, or recreational vehicles. For these items, the agency will ask you to place the deed in their trust. This will not give the agency ownership but allow them to gain ownership of the items if the bond agreement is broken.

For smaller or physical items like jewelry, art, or collectibles, the bondsman will ask to keep the items until the court case comes to a conclusion.

Relying on collateral to cover the bail bond costs can be hugely beneficial, to anyone who needs assistance but cannot afford to pay a premium. To discuss the services and different options of payments, contact a well-reputed and experienced bail bond agency. Owing to the nature of the industry, the bail bond agencies operate round-the-clock to provide legal assistance to their clients.

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The Fundamentals of Bail Bonds in Arapahoe County

Once arrested and put in jail, some criminals get temporary release through bail bonds. A bail bond refers to a contractual undertaking where the individual gets bail ordered by the judge before the trial process begins.

In simple words, a bail bond is a contract between 4 entities:

  • The Bail Bonding Company
  • The jurisdiction that holds the arrest warrant (court)
  • The individual co-signing the bail
  • The Defendant

The Arapahoe County bail bonds company as well as the co-signers are the individuals responsible for all the defendants’ appearance in the court. The accused individuals have two choices to post bail. Either by paying the bond themselves, if their pocket allows or through a licensed and certified bail bondsman. Usually the bail bond amount set by the court is high, which is far beyond the suspect’s affordability. The legal authorities set the amount considering the severity of the crime and the flight risk of the defendant. Anyone who is already a flight risk or trying to escape, in inmate search may be performed to find them and bring them to justice. This is the reason that those individuals may not receive a bond at all.

Turning to a Bail Bond Company

The Bail Bond agency you choose to work with can provide a guarantee to the court about the defendant’s appearance in the court. They usually charge 10% of the entire bond for posting the bond; the amount may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. They may ask for collateral on large bonds to ensure you will not skip the case in between. For this reason, normally, the Bonding Company will have your co-signer sign the contract, stating they will give up collateral worth the amount of the bond and any other fee as well.

Whatever the case be, bail bonds must be prepared and written by legitimate and professional bonding Companies. In Arapahoe County, there are several bail bonding Companies, yet the right bail bond company must be picked with care so that you can make sure you are getting the right value for the amount you are paying.

  • Always trust a Company that has been in operation for a long time as it will have the financial capacity to post bonds with huge values. A reputed and experienced Company is more reliable than the new ones because they usually are more knowledgeable in dealing with legal matters.
  • A fast-acting bail Company is all you need to service your requirements right away.
  • You need to look for a reputed bail bonding Company that requires a minimum down payment and should accept multiple payment options. Look for a company that offers loans or processes the request even without collateral.
  • The bail bondsman you choose should work 24/7 and always remain ready to assist. You may need a bail bond in urgent needs, thus, agents should offer immediate assistance. Without posting immediate bail, you may have to end up spending hours in a jail cell.

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Arapahoe County Bail Bonds: What you need to Know?

If you, a friend, or a family member has been arrested and put in jail, fortunately, you can get bail bonds to pay for the bail. This is specifically true where the arrested individuals do not have enough money to pay for the jail release. This is where bail bonds help them pay for the bail amount and get them out of jail without worrying about the finances.

The role of the bonds agent is to pay the court a hefty bond for their clients. These are called bail bonds and are non-refundable, once it is obtained through the bondsman.

How does a bail bond work in Arapahoe County?

Not like the loan process, Arapahoe County bail bonds usually work without the need for existing collateral. The bail bonds agency that provides the required money is entitled to get a certain percentage out of the total bail amount. Typically, this is a 10% fee out of the total bail amount. As per the laws, the bail bondsman is able to collect this percentage from you, and in return, ensure your appearance in court to face the hearings, whenever it is required to.

How do Bail Bonds help you?

Throughout the years, the bail bonding process has not been changed much. The entire process includes an initial booking and taking the arrested individual to a holding cell. After this, the defendants need to face a judge in a process called an arraignment, where the judge will hear the charge and ask the suspect for the plea. In the majority of cases, the request is not guilty and for such cases, a court date will be scheduled for a formal trial.

However, the case may come where the trial date changes from months to years. Depending on case to case, it is the judge’s hand to decide whether the accused individual can be trusted or not. Only the judge holds the power to decide whether the individual can remain out of custody prior to the said schedule of the trial.

In some cases, the suspect fails to return to face the judge on the scheduled trial. This is the reason the bail amount has been set up, which makes the suspect return to court to pay bail money. Considering the charges and severity of the crime, the bail amount is set by the court.

How to get a bail bond?

There are many bail bond agencies that work on the behalf of the arrested individuals. With their help, the defendants can procure their freedom until the time that the scheduled trial arrives.

Usually, the bail agencies in Arapahoe County charge a 10% fee out of the total bail amount. This is called the bond premium, which is the entire cost for being able to be legally free from prison. The bond premium amount is required to pay upfront to the bail bond agent. Still, there are certain instances where a bail bond agent can arrange some financing for the premium. The mode of bond payment depends on the kinds approved by the bondsman. However, usually, they accept credit cards, cash, and even personal checks. As soon as the agency receives the payment, they will then arrange the jail release and the detainee will come out within a few hours’ time.

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Jefferson County Bail Bonds-How the System Works?

The legal authorities permit the arrested individuals to live their lives in their customary manner while awaiting court trial. In this situation, a bail bondsman acts as a safety net, who fully understands the law and knows the magnitude of supporting the process.

However, bail bonds cannot be used indiscriminately and are not accessible for every suspect, not for every crime committed. The legal system aims to guard not only the rights of the suspect but also the rights of the general public. To ensure those who are legitimate to post bond are both committed to the legal process as well as trustworthy, bail bondsmen serve to back the courts.

After the court permits, the bail bondsman is charged with making sure that the accused individual is committed to being in attendance at all hearings and will follow all the orders set by the courts. The average fee charged is 10% of the entire bond amount that compensates for the time and effort made by the agent in making sure that the detainee appears at all his prearranged court hearings.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are certain kinds of bail bonds that bondsmen can help you with. Anyone who can afford to pay the entire bail amount, won’t be required to work with a bail bondsman. Bail has to be paid by cash with legally proven that the amount has been obtained legally. If it’s hard for you to pay the full cash value, prefer surety bonds that are backed by an outside source. Usually, this kind of bond service is meant for felony and misdemeanor bonds. Also, the professional agents are capable enough to handle federal and immigration bonds. Because they involve the federal government, so they are far more complex and expensive too.

If you are in need of any kind of bail bond, hire an experienced, full-service bail bond company. Bail bond agents play a vital role in the Jefferson County bail bonds system, making them strong and fair. Their services enable the detainees to move on in their lives, supporting their families while also proving their innocence. Their service is based on both commitment and suspicion. Their role is to provide financial assurance to those arrested, but not proven guilty; with assuring that they also protect the public in general.

Can Bail Bond be revoked?

The bail bondsman holds the power to revoke a bond at any time the individual out of bond shows an indication of leaving town or not appearing to the court dates. Anyone out in jail with cash or property bond may lose business or family home for their doings. This is why it is always recommended to use bail bondsman services. That way, both your property and cash are on hand and protected from the court system.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and put in jail, call PDQ Bail Bonds to make sure you are treated properly and to defend your rights. The expert bail bondsman will explain the ins and outs of obtaining their services so you can go home to your family while awaiting trial.