Being Arrested: Do you need a Bail Agent?

To find ourselves or a loved one in need of bail bonds service is not something we look forward to, however, sometimes it is unavoidable. If someone you know is in jail, the first thing you usually want to know is how to get them out of jail.

The first step in the Bail Process

The first step of the process is to approach the court. At this point, you need to find out the amount the judge has set the cost of release. Oftentimes, the bond set based on the crime committed is more than we can readily afford to come up with.

There is a preliminary hearing that takes place before issuing the bail that gives the defendant a chance to either plead guilty or otherwise. Once the bail is set by the presiding judge, the next step is to pay the amount, which can be completed in different ways.

Who is a Bail Bondsman?

The bail bondsman is an individual or an agency that acts as a guarantor for the accused who has been charged with a crime. The bail bondsman either pledges money or property for the accused with a surety that the accused will appear before the judge at the specified dates.

What does the Bail Bondsman Do?

Anyone arrested can get the right solution with a bail bonds agency or bondsman. They can help the defendants by providing a safe and timely release from jail until it is time for them to appear in court. Along with issuing the bond, the bondsman also takes the guarantee that the defendant will appear in court for the scheduled appearance. The bondsman can also file a lawsuit against the accused to recuperate from any costs incurred due to the defendant’s failure to appear.

How is the Bail Bonds Agency compensated?

Of course, no one works for free. The Jefferson county bail bond agent charges a percentage of the bail amount for their services. Typically, it is 10% of the bail amount but can be higher or lower in different countries. These charges will further increase if the accused flees. Here, the co-signer will have to bear all the expenses incurred while attempting to arrest the fugitive and get him back. In many cases, collateral may need to be secured by the agent in order to protect their interest in case the accused fails to make his court appearance. The bond will be forfeited if the accused does not appear in court on the date specified.

Requirements for Bail Bond Agents

There are many bail bond agents in Jefferson County, with each one different from the others. They all charge the same fees to their clients but the level of service they offer might vary. This is why it is significant to find a qualified agent who must have years of experience working in the jail systems and court systems in their state. They must have a valid license to operate legally and must work effectively to help their clients come out of jail quickly. Make sure the bonding service you choose offers flexible payment options including cash, money orders, and credit cards. Flexibility is another aspect while choosing bail bonds service. The Jefferson county bail bond agent you choose must understand that every situation is different and should handle it that way.

Finding a bail bonds agent who you can trust can make a huge difference when it comes to navigating an unfamiliar situation and ensuring the defendant can get out of jail fast.

If you or someone you know requires professional assistance with their jail release, contact PDQ Bail Bonds! Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients.

Denver Bail Bonds: Ticket to Freedom!

Ever been arrested? Well, for those who have never been arrested and booked into jail, it is nearly impossible to fully understand the trauma that an inmate has to deal with.

Indeed, being arrested can be the most difficult time of life, and this is why there is a need to be well-aware of all the processes that are going on. What can happen to the accused and how to deal with all that legal matters so that you can get yourself out as soon as possible.

The Arrest and The Booking

This is the first part. Anyone arrested will be taken by the officer for booking, where fingerprints and photographs are completed. The accused will then be put into a holding cell to await the bail hearing.

Once the accused has been on the bail hearing, the judge will then decide on the bail amount, depending on what the offense was and all of the past records. This is the point where Denver Bail Bond services would be very helpful. The Denver Bail bondsman can walk you through all of the hearing processes and help the defendants come out of jail as quickly as possible.

Denver Bail Bonds: How to get it?

A bail bond is a legal contract wherein the bail bondsman argues in favor of the defendant securing the freedom. The contract is meant to provide a guarantee that the accused will appear in court at the scheduled times. Once the bail is granted, it is the defendant’s responsibility to be present in the court for the prescribed hearings, however, avoiding this may lead to severe legal consequences along with nullifying the bail with immediate effect.

There are some ways to pay off the bail amount. The simplest kind is cash bonds where the accused can pay the entire bail amount with cash. Without a doubt, this is the easiest type of bail to help anyone get out of jail quickly, however, the money used for bail will be tied up until the last court date. This type of bond is something that does not need legal experience, as anyone can deal with it on its own, without involving any bail bond agency.

Another way is to use a property bond which makes the defendant present real estate as collateral for their total bail amount. Under this circumstance, the State holds the authority to foreclose on the defendant’s property if forfeit bail by failing to appear in the court.

The fastest and more widely accepted way of posting bail is through an experienced and trustworthy bail bondsman. They charge 10% of the bond amount as their fees for their services. They may also require some kind of security on the balance such as real estate, title to a car, jewellery, or a cash deposit. In case, the defendant fails to show up in the court hearings, your family gets the security back but will not get the 10% fee back.

Bail bonds are not difficult to obtain. Whatever the situation is with you, it is not at all recommended to take matters into your hands. By handling legal things on your own, you will most likely end up making a big mistake in the haste of making a decision. Rather, it is best to approach a close friend or family member who in turn will get in touch with the bail bondsman. Considering the seriousness of the crime committed, the bondsman will prepare to apply for the bail bond of the required amount.

Anyone who is arrested and put into jail is definitely going to require a bail bondsman to get out of jail. Getting out of jail can be a huge relief with PDQ Bail Bond experts! With our assistance, you or your loved one won’t have to await trial while behind bars.

Have You been Arrested Recently?

For anyone who has been arrested for a DWI or any other kind of arrest, it’s become imperative to get legal support on an immediate basis. These Days, it’s easy to find legal service providers who can help you out in arranging the bail. Reaching out to the experienced and skilled bail bond company is the initial stage of coming out of jail.

The reputed bail bond companies go a long way in providing the much-desired freedom that makes you focus on other crucial matters and will help you avoid prosecution.

Such companies start their work by gathering exact information about the case and previous criminal records. The more information the accused can provide, the smoother the process will be.

Owing to the nature of work where the right timing matters a lot, the bail bond companies operate round-the-clock to provide legal assistance to their clients in time of their need. The time to get the defendant released from jail depends on the severity of the offense and on the agency that has detained the offender.

The need for bail

The bail is a payment that the defender pays to spend time away from prison while awaiting the court proceedings. This payment also acts as an assurance that the defender will be attending future trial proceedings. Usually, this amount is high which makes the accused seek assistance from family or loved ones. Here, the bail bondsman comes in handy! Their service enables the defendant to cater for a small amount of money while the company caters for the balance. In some cases, the bail bondsman asks for collateral to cover the risk, which usually comes in the form of an asset that can be sold to cover the full amount, in case the accused skips out on their bail.

The requirement for collateral depends on the bail amount. In many cases, a simple signature on the bail bond is all that is required, while other times the use of a property or collateral is required.

Later on, this bail amount is refunded by the court when the accused gets to attend all the court proceedings. The bail bondsman services do not go without a fee, however. Usually, a bondsman charges 10-15% of the full bail amount for their services.

With different types of bail bonds available, it can be difficult to understand if you do not have a bail bondsman at your side to help you through the process and get you out of jail. With knowing every aspect of the jail systems and bail schedules, the professional bail bondsman can help you through the entire process and handle release procedures. Coming out of jail can happen much sooner if you contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible.

Bail Bond Costs and Release Options

The bail bond amount is set by the judge, depending on the charges. Considering the details and severity of the crime, bail schedules have different bail amounts.

Only judges have the power to reduce, remove or raise the bail amount. The judge considers multiple factors including the severity of the offense, the risk to the community, amount of jail time should the accused be found guilty, past offenses, or arrest record. For the first-time offenders with no prior arrests or anything of that nature, the judge is more likely to be soft because of the clear past.

For quick jail release, it is significant to have a well-reputed and experienced bail bondsman at your side. While hiring a PDQ Bail Bond expert, the accused can get an instant and secure release, at the same time; you can expedite the process by providing information about inmates and the charges they are facing. We provide different kinds of services so as to help our clients avail themselves of legal services on their ease to come out of jail in time.

Choosing the Best Jefferson County Bail Bonds Agency

Getting arrested and spending time in jail can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, there are bail bond agencies that help defendants with a safe and efficient release from jail until the scheduled court date.

In deciding which Jefferson county bail bonds agency to approach, it’s significant to first understand that not all companies provide all types of bonds. Being a family member or loved one of the accused, you will need to conduct some research to find out the bail bonds company that is appropriate for your requirements.

When it comes to legal concerns, it is difficult to understand especially if you do not hold any experience in facing legal cases. However, to gain a better understanding, it is wise to know the different types of bail. Well, the bail amount can be paid in different forms such as referral, state, property, cash, signature, and also surety bail. For secured bond or property bond, the judge considers information about the defendant’s financial resources and other resources of property or funds that can be used as collateral.

Cash bail includes paying cash, in order to secure a temporary release. However, those who do have enough cash can reach out to bail Bonds companies. As opposed to cash bail, signature bonds do not bring any need to post any funds or property as security. In this kind of bond, the defendant only needs to sign the forms for the court clerk in order to be released. This might seem simple, but make sure to pay close attention to any conditions or instructions written so as to understand what exactly the defendant must do so that bail does not get revoked.

Here are a few aspects to consider when looking for a bail bonds company:

  • Experience plays a significant role in factoring in the best bail agency to use. Being aware of every aspect of the jail system and paperwork involved, the more experienced bail bonds agency may help you provide you a quick and secure release.
  • Another vital aspect of choosing the best agency is whether or not they are licensed to do business in your jurisdiction. Make sure to choose the ones that are licensed through the state department.
  • Financing and methods of payment need to be considered when choosing which company to use for your bail bond requirements. Look for a company that accepts checks, cash or credit cards or for the company that also includes financing, loans and other forms of payment. Don’t be fooled by low advertised bail fees, make sure to find the one who does not charge fees or interest. If you come across a company that has stringent rules and is unwilling to bend, that may not be the right choice for you.
  • What matters next is collateral, which may or may not be needed, depending on your case. Collateral is meant to cover the company in case the accused fails to appear in court and needs to be found and re-arrested. Most often, collateral is used in the form of real estate which most people do not want to sign their house on a bail bond. Well, there are bail bonds companies which can provide no collateral bail bonds and it’s good to approach them.
  • Also, the availability of Jefferson county bail bond agents may be a prime concern to you. Because people get arrested at all hours, maybe not standard business hours. This is why it’s recommended to look for a company that offers 24/7 services.

Choosing the best bail bonds company means choosing the one that best matches your needs. Make sure to consider all the aspects and get all your questions answered to avail what you need in the bail bonds service.

PDQ Bail Bonds is a professional company, helping families that are in an urgent time of need. If you need bail bonds assistance, contact us at 720-542-3217 to learn how bail bonds work and how our services can meet your needs.

Quick Jail Release in Douglas County

What happens after an arrest?

If you have been arrested for committing a crime, you will be taken to the local police station or jail and booked in for arrest. The booking process involves giving your fingerprints along with a photograph and other personal information. Then the accused has to await a hearing with a judge regarding the trial. Those arrested over the weekend have most likely to remain on hold until Monday when the judge is available to preside over your case.

Once the hearing has been scheduled with the judge, the accused will be taken to the courthouse where the trial date will be set for the case. This is the preliminary hearing where the judge offers the opportunity to post bail in order to secure the release pending the outcome of the trial. Concerning the severity of the crime committed, and the accused’s criminal background, the option to post bail may get denied by the judge altogether.

Posting Bail to get out of jail

A jail arrest does not always mean that the accused will get a chance to be heard the next day. It may take a week or a month before your case is heard in the court of justice. Regardless of your crime, in many cases, the state offers a choice to post bail through bail bonds.

The bail system is a way to guarantee that the accused will show up for the court date. The bail amount varies depending on the crime committed. The entire amount can be covered in below three ways:


This way is quite straightforward. Whatever the amount set for the defendant’s release can be paid in cash and the defendant will be released in a few hours. The amount you pay is held as collateral until you appear in court. After the trial, the entire amount is refunded to the person who paid it, possibly less some processing fees.

Property bond

Rather than paying cash, real estate can be used as collateral but equity must be at least equivalent to the bail amount. This process is usually longer compared to other ways that can take weeks or even months. If you don’t attend the trial, the court will foreclose on the property.


Those who do not have enough funds to put up as collateral prefer a bail bonds service. Typically, in this way, the defendant has to pay the bondsman 10 percent of the bond amount, and further, the bondsman will put up the total amount for the defendant’s release. Again, the bail amount will be returned to the payee once the trial is complete, however, the bondsman will keep that 10 percent as payment for his services. The bail bondsman you choose to pay the bail is responsible for the guarantee that the accused will appear for the court dates.

Getting professional help

Posting bail is something that many individuals are not aware of. This is why getting professional help from bail bonds agencies help you know how the process works. Moreover, this will enable the individual to decide if they should risk their money, property, or time for the person that has been arrested on suspicion of a crime.

No matter the crime committed and the type of bail bond is required, it’s wise to seek professional assistance as soon as you get arrested. The bail bonds agencies will not only help you secure the bond necessary to leave police custody but also can help get the bail amount reduced.

If you or someone you know is arrested and is in need of a bail bond service, connect with PDQ Bail Bond experts. Reach out to us  today at 720-542-3217!