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Being Arrested: Do you need a Bail Agent?

To find ourselves or a loved one in need of bail bonds service is not something we look forward to, however, sometimes it is unavoidable. If someone you know is in jail, the first thing you usually want to know is how to get them out of jail.

The first step in the Bail Process

The first step of the process is to approach the court. At this point, you need to find out the amount the judge has set the cost of release. Oftentimes, the bond set based on the crime committed is more than we can readily afford to come up with.

There is a preliminary hearing that takes place before issuing the bail that gives the defendant a chance to either plead guilty or otherwise. Once the bail is set by the presiding judge, the next step is to pay the amount, which can be completed in different ways.

Who is a Bail Bondsman?

The bail bondsman is an individual or an agency that acts as a guarantor for the accused who has been charged with a crime. The bail bondsman either pledges money or property for the accused with a surety that the accused will appear before the judge at the specified dates.

What does the Bail Bondsman Do?

Anyone arrested can get the right solution with a bail bonds agency or bondsman. They can help the defendants by providing a safe and timely release from jail until it is time for them to appear in court. Along with issuing the bond, the bondsman also takes the guarantee that the defendant will appear in court for the scheduled appearance. The bondsman can also file a lawsuit against the accused to recuperate from any costs incurred due to the defendant’s failure to appear.

How is the Bail Bonds Agency compensated?

Of course, no one works for free. The Jefferson county bail bond agent charges a percentage of the bail amount for their services. Typically, it is 10% of the bail amount but can be higher or lower in different countries. These charges will further increase if the accused flees. Here, the co-signer will have to bear all the expenses incurred while attempting to arrest the fugitive and get him back. In many cases, collateral may need to be secured by the agent in order to protect their interest in case the accused fails to make his court appearance. The bond will be forfeited if the accused does not appear in court on the date specified.

Requirements for Bail Bond Agents

There are many bail bond agents in Jefferson County, with each one different from the others. They all charge the same fees to their clients but the level of service they offer might vary. This is why it is significant to find a qualified agent who must have years of experience working in the jail systems and court systems in their state. They must have a valid license to operate legally and must work effectively to help their clients come out of jail quickly. Make sure the bonding service you choose offers flexible payment options including cash, money orders, and credit cards. Flexibility is another aspect while choosing bail bonds service. The Jefferson county bail bond agent you choose must understand that every situation is different and should handle it that way.

Finding a bail bonds agent who you can trust can make a huge difference when it comes to navigating an unfamiliar situation and ensuring the defendant can get out of jail fast.

If you or someone you know requires professional assistance with their jail release, contact PDQ Bail Bonds! Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients.