All about Boulder County Bail Bonds

Anyone accused of committing a criminal act, those individuals are most commonly arrested and taken to jail. Before they can be released from jail while pending trial, the family members or close ones must bail them out, or pay a bail bonds agency to step in and take over the process.

What are bail bonds?

A bail bond is typically a kind of bond that is used in order to achieve the release of anyone who is incarcerated or has been permitted bail to be released pending trial. Once the bail has been posted on behalf of the suspect, the defendant is then securely released from custody pending the final outcome of the trial. In case, the individual does not return to court for scheduled trials, the bail amount will then be forfeited, as well as any collateral filed with the court as part of the bail bonds.

Skipping bail describes the act of accused individuals failing to make necessary court appearances. When the accused individuals skip bail, the court has the right to issue a bench warrant for the arrest and schedule a court appearance on the matter. In case, the defendant misses the court appearance, the bail amount will be forfeited. This has made many bail bond agencies work in conjunction with bounty hunters in order to find out the accused that have skipped bail, so as to bring them back before they have to be forfeited.

Who issues bail bonds?

A bail bond is commonly issued by licensed bail bondsmen. The average cost of hiring a bail bondsman to get someone out of jail until the closure of the case is right around 10-20 percent of the actual bond cost. This does not include any necessary and reasonable expense incurred with the association of the transaction. Bail bond agencies do not determine the cost of the bonds. This is up to the court to decide the bail amount.

Bail bonding agencies are invaluable sources to have. This is because not everyone is able to afford the cost of bail immediately if it is issued. For those who already have the money for bail, the process of withdrawing the required funds may become a little difficult given their position behind bars. The reputed bail bonding agencies recognize this fact and thus act as sureties between the arrested individual and the state. Once the bail amount has been set, bail bonds agencies then do the necessary paperwork and take other steps in the booking and releasing process.

If you have been arrested, or if you are ever arrested, the first thing you should do is to connect with a bail bond agency. At PDQ Bail Bonds, we are familiar with the Bail Bonds Boulder County process and thus assure you a quick release out of jail until the court appearance.

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Bail Bond Requirements in Boulder, CO

What exactly are the requirements for bailing someone out of jail? This question is probably common that arises before helping loved ones to come out of jail. Well, the judicial system requires the accused individuals to meet certain requirements of bail bonds and ensure their appearance for the trial.

  • The first way to meet requirements is paying the entire bail amount in cash. Once the cash is deposited, along with the completed paperwork, the accused will be immediately released from jail pending trial. The only condition to this agreement is the requirement to appear at all scheduled court hearings, and failing to do this may lead to forfeiture of the entire bail amount. Here, attending all the court hearings has significance as doing so will refund the entire amount upon the closure of the case.
  • Another way to fulfill the requirements is by reaching out to an experienced bail bondsman. They usually charge an average fee of 10 percent of the bond amount, and in return will handle all the documentation to bring the detainee out of jail. In some cases, collateral may be asked by the bail bondsman to ensure your appearance in court trials. Collateral is a kind of security deposit that the bond applicant gives to the bondsman in order to gain bond approval. The objective is to lessen the surety’s exposure and make supporting the bond more palatable.
  • The most common form of collateral is an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, issued by banks. Others could be cash, a proof of deposit that is assigned to the surety, or even real estate.
  • In the cases of non-violence crimes, or when the judge does not see the accused as a flight risk, usually no amount is asked by the judge. Rather, the defendants are permitted to be released from jail on their “own recognizance”, or with the guarantee that they will come back to court for all hearings associated with their case. There will be no forfeiture if the defendants fail to return, instead, they will be rearrested as well as led to face additional charges of contempt of court.

Being arrested is a frightening experience and getting bail is not always an easy task. However, when the detainees enlist the help of a Boulder Bail Bondsman to meet the requirements, the court is assured that the individual will return to court. The whole concept behind Boulder Bail Bonds is to give assurance that the defendant will return to court. Other than preparing for collateral, money, good credit, and a licensed bail agent, it is advisable to get acquainted with the bail bonds industry and the process within it.

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