Why Is It Good To Go With Bail Bonds In Denver

It is good to go with bail bonds in Denver because it is a legal option provided by law. The best option perhaps, since times are changing. Just like other things, bail costs have risen.  The rising cost of posting bail is a common stumbling block in getting out of jail. After being arrested, the first thing that comes to mind is getting out. Getting out as fast as possible requires posting bail. Now, who can afford to pay $20,000 to get out of the slammer immediately? Not many. Hence, the best option readily available is to go with a bail bonds service.

Requirements for Denver Bail Bonds

Bail bonds services in Denver will make life easier for you if you have a friend or loved one arrested. All you need to do is to provide four things;

  • The full name of the arrested person
  • The current place where he/she is detained. This is often a police station or a county sheriff’s office.
  • The charge or specifically the felony/misdemeanor or particular crime he has been charged with.
  • The person’s booking number.

The bail bonds representative/agent will take care of things from this point. Starting from visiting the jail to posting bail for the arrestee, up to ensure his appearance in court. You no longer have to worry about missing essential functions as you do important jobs. For example, providing for your family while your loved one is in jail, taking care of the kids and a sick relative. You will have peace of mind the moment you sign up an agreement with your local bail bondsman.

It will also be a great advantage if you search for a “bonding company near me” so that any concerns you or your arrestee/detainee have will be answered immediately by your Denver bondsman.

How to Post Bail Through a Bail Bond

If a bail calendar exists, then the exact amount of bail to be posted is readily available. This means that the Denver bondsman agent can promptly pay the sum required.

If no bail calendar is available, determining the amount of bail is done in Court.

The bail required is set by a Judge. This is done in Court during a working day. This means that if the arrest of the person was on a Friday or a weekend, he/she will have to wait until Monday for the bail to be set. No need to worry because your jail bondsman will be able to process fast bail bonds so that your loved one will get out of jail fast.

The amount of bail required for bail bonds in Denver county will depend on many factors. No matter what the amount, the bail bondsman in Denver has you covered. Let’s say that the bail required is $5,000. You will pay 10% of that amount. The Denver bail bonds service pays the rest. However, you will be required to provide a security property of value to cover the remaining 90%. For example, a property may include a land title, a car, precious jewelry, or a bank deposit.

The property will be returned to you after the court proceedings. However, the defendant must dutifully attend all court proceeding until its termination, regardless if you were able to get cheap bail bonds. Failure to do so will forfeit any security provided.

Advantages of Bail Bonds Denver County

There are many benefits of getting out of jail immediately.

The stress and aggravation while under detention can literally make some people go almost insane. People have enough trouble coping with the pressure at work, paying bills and mortgage and even going to school. Spending time behind bars will only make things worse. So, getting out of detainment quickly will greatly help out a person’s mental well-being.

The arrested person will not miss out on work, school or looking after his/her kids if there are any.

Instead of you or the arrested friend doing all the footwork involving the bail, the bail bonds Denver service agent will do all of this. This leaves the arrestee with more time do his/her daily routine. Getting discount bail bonds with your bonding company also means you have more money to spend on other important matters like food, clothing, shelter, and health needs of your family.

Thus, looking at all the advantages, the best way to go is with bail bonds in Denver. Not everyone is familiar with the court systems, and criminal procedures involve posting bail. This is all simplified and made easy when availing of bail bonds a means of posting bail. Less trouble, fewer hassles, more peace of mind.

Getting bail bonds in Denver should not be a complicated process. You should contact us immediately them moment you get that dreaded phone call. We are your 24-hour bail bonds company who is more than ready to assist you with your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds

What Is a Bail Bond?

A person who is arrested can leave jail before their scheduled court hearing by posting bail. A bail bond is a document that states the amount needed to be paid by the defendant in court in case he fails to appear for the hearing. This is to guaranty that the defendant will keep his promise to go to court. If the defendant shows up on the scheduled court date, the bond will be returned. If not, the defendant is required to pay the bond to the court.

Is There a Difference Between Bail and a Bond?

Bail is the amount of money that must be paid to the court so that the defendant will be granted temporary release. It can be paid by relatives or friends and forfeited once the defendant jumps bail.

Bond, on the other hand, the money paid by a bail bond company to grant the defendant temporary release.  Since the defendant does not have money to pay the bail, a Jefferson bondsman will be the one to do so. The bail bond company will have to pay the whole amount if the defendant jumps bail unless the defendant creates a “signature bond” that states he will be the one to pay instead of the bail bond company.

What Is an Indemnitor in Jefferson County Bail Bonds?

An Indemnitor (or Cosigner) is the one who has consented to become responsible for the full amount of the bail bond in the event that the defendant has jumped bail. You can have more than one Indemnitor, and the liability will be divided equally amongst them.

The indemnitor takes full responsibility for the defendant. He/she has to make sure that the defendant keeps his/her appointment in court. You are required to help the bail bond company to look for the defendant and bring him/her back to court.

Is Collateral Needed to Post Bail?

Collateral is needed depending on the circumstance of the defendant. If required, bail collateral is added to bail money in order for the defendant’s release. Collateral can be in the form of property, vehicle, jewelry, or any valuable assets the defendant or cosigner may have. It’s often added when a defendant has a history of jumping bail.

If collateral is needed, feel free to call us and let’s see if we can have an arrangement with your bail bondsman in Jefferson County.

How Much Will I Spend on a Jefferson County Bail Bond?

The price of local bail bonds depends largely on the amount the judge has set for your bail, which will be based on the following but not limited to:

  • Offense made
  • Severity of offense
  • History of past offenses
  • The character of the defendant
  • Potential flight risk

The fee is then calculated based on the bail. That plus the bail will be the amount you will have to pay to VIP Bail Bonds. This is typically how 24-hour bail bonds in Jefferson works, but it’s worth it. Especially if you don’t have that much money with you to get your loved one out of jail.

How Long Can My Bail Bond Last?

The bail bond that you got from your Jefferson Bondsman can last for a year. Should the trial or hearing go past a year, you will have to pay the premium again to retain the current bail bond.

Can I Go out of Colorado While I’m out on Bail?

No. Obtain permission from the court as well as your bail bondsman in Jefferson County if you need to go outside the State of Colorado. VIP Bail Bond offices are open 24/7, so you can contact us anytime you feel the need to leave the State.

What If I Miss My Court Date?

As a defendant, it is your responsibility to remember your court date. Always check with the district attorney’s office to know when you are scheduled to go to court. A missed court date often mean penalties, and actions must be taken immediately. Should you miss a court date, contact your Jefferson bondsman as well as your attorney immediately.

How Long Is It Before the Defendant Gets out of Jail?

Lakewood bail bonds are created in literally minutes, especially if we get all the necessary details of the defendant. Our offices located close to the sheriff’s office, and we can deliver the bond fast. However, the processing will depend on the level of activity in the facility. It usually takes up to 4 hours for the defendant to be released from confinement.

What is Bail Bond Reinstatement?

Bail can be revoked because of the reason that the defendant has violated the terms and conditions of bail (for example, failed to show up in court). The bail bond can be re-activated or re-established to its original amount for a nominal fee.