Bail Bonds Denver

Denver Bail Bonds: Ticket to Freedom!

Ever been arrested? Well, for those who have never been arrested and booked into jail, it is nearly impossible to fully understand the trauma that an inmate has to deal with.

Indeed, being arrested can be the most difficult time of life, and this is why there is a need to be well-aware of all the processes that are going on. What can happen to the accused and how to deal with all that legal matters so that you can get yourself out as soon as possible.

The Arrest and The Booking

This is the first part. Anyone arrested will be taken by the officer for booking, where fingerprints and photographs are completed. The accused will then be put into a holding cell to await the bail hearing.

Once the accused has been on the bail hearing, the judge will then decide on the bail amount, depending on what the offense was and all of the past records. This is the point where Denver Bail Bond services would be very helpful. The Denver Bail bondsman can walk you through all of the hearing processes and help the defendants come out of jail as quickly as possible.

Denver Bail Bonds: How to get it?

A bail bond is a legal contract wherein the bail bondsman argues in favor of the defendant securing the freedom. The contract is meant to provide a guarantee that the accused will appear in court at the scheduled times. Once the bail is granted, it is the defendant’s responsibility to be present in the court for the prescribed hearings, however, avoiding this may lead to severe legal consequences along with nullifying the bail with immediate effect.

There are some ways to pay off the bail amount. The simplest kind is cash bonds where the accused can pay the entire bail amount with cash. Without a doubt, this is the easiest type of bail to help anyone get out of jail quickly, however, the money used for bail will be tied up until the last court date. This type of bond is something that does not need legal experience, as anyone can deal with it on its own, without involving any bail bond agency.

Another way is to use a property bond which makes the defendant present real estate as collateral for their total bail amount. Under this circumstance, the State holds the authority to foreclose on the defendant’s property if forfeit bail by failing to appear in the court.

The fastest and more widely accepted way of posting bail is through an experienced and trustworthy bail bondsman. They charge 10% of the bond amount as their fees for their services. They may also require some kind of security on the balance such as real estate, title to a car, jewellery, or a cash deposit. In case, the defendant fails to show up in the court hearings, your family gets the security back but will not get the 10% fee back.

Bail bonds are not difficult to obtain. Whatever the situation is with you, it is not at all recommended to take matters into your hands. By handling legal things on your own, you will most likely end up making a big mistake in the haste of making a decision. Rather, it is best to approach a close friend or family member who in turn will get in touch with the bail bondsman. Considering the seriousness of the crime committed, the bondsman will prepare to apply for the bail bond of the required amount.

Anyone who is arrested and put into jail is definitely going to require a bail bondsman to get out of jail. Getting out of jail can be a huge relief with PDQ Bail Bond experts! With our assistance, you or your loved one won’t have to await trial while behind bars.