What happens if the defendant fails to appear?

The court will forfeit the bail and a warrant will be issued for the arrest of the defendant. The cosigner will be liable for the forfeited amount of the bond plus any expenses that the bondsman may have due to the defendant’s failure to appear. It is CRITICAL that the defendant appears in court on the date and time they are told to appear!

What is required to post bond?

We require you make at least $500 per week for smaller bonds.
You will have to show proof of income ( current pay stub or bank statement) and proof of address (current piece of mail).
For larger bonds it will be a case by case situation.

What is the fastest ways to bail someone out?

The fastest way is meet the PDQ Bail Agent at the jail to do paperwork and then we post bond right there at  the jail This starts the process for the defendant to be released.