Bail Bonds Arapahoe CO

Posting Bail to come out of Jail in Arapahoe County!

Being arrested is always an embarrassing experience for the people involved and their families. The first step to come out of the mess is securing bail. Bail is a process of providing surety or a huge amount to quickly come out of jail after an arrest. Bail gives temporary freedom to the accused individuals and the ability to post bail is not granted to everyone arrested, it depends on the severity of what they were arrested for.

Bail is set via the county’s bail schedule and the suspect is allowed to make a phone call in order to seek help from a friend or family member to bail them out or from a bail bond agent.

When a friend or family member contacts the bail bond agency, they will require having access to certain information to explain the case to the bondsman. This information includes the accused full legal name, birth details, social security number, why they were arrested, where they were taken, who arrested them, and how much is their bail set for.

What are bail bonds?

The process of posting bail involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a bail bondsman and the individual posting bail. In such a case, the bondman takes the responsibility that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the judge requires it. In simple words, the bail bond is like an obligation signed by the accused to secure their presence at the court when summoned. This obligation ensures that the defendant will lose money if fails to appear for the trial.

Bail bond amounts differ

For the arrested individuals, the court will set the amount of the bail. This is the amount of money it takes for the defendants to get out of jail while awaiting the court date. Concerning the crime you are accused of, the bond amount can be high or low. The lower amounts are payable on your own, however, if the bail amount is quite high, you should contact a reputed bail bond agency. They will charge a percentage of the bail amount from you for their service.

What agencies provide bail bonds?

When looking for a bail bond agency, you typically look for what is called a licensed bail bondsman. Such agencies specialize in issuing bail bonds and make sure that the defendants as their clients appear for their trials. For their services, they usually charge about 10% of the bond amount. They make sure that the accused individual gets copies of all signed documentation in regards to their hearing, and receive up-to-date information regarding the bond amount.

Steps to posting Arapahoe County Bail Bond

The defendant or anyone related to them can contact the bail bond agency to post bail. Usually, a relative or loved one of the defendants will post bail and co-sign. The co-signer or anyone contacting the bail bond agents must guarantee to pay the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not appear in court.

In some cases, the agents do not demand collateral to post bail. The defendants can be bailed out from jail with a signature of a friend or a relative.

Once the agreement is signed and the necessary paperwork is completed, the agent will go to the jail to post the bail and get the defendant released.

The paperwork or contract signed by the co-signer serves as an acknowledgment that the accused will appear up to their scheduled court dates. In case, the accused skips bail, the posted bond will be forfeited and the agent will lead to collect the full amount from the cosigner and the collateral that was filed with the court will be lost as well.

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