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People get arrested for crimes and go to jail. Of course, they are anxious to get out of jail. Douglas County Bail Bonds is contacted all the time to help a client post their bail and get out of jail. We are one of the top bail bonding agencies in the area and once hired, we do all the important paperwork for the client.

We would like to assure clients that we are licensed and approved by the state to act for the clients that hire us. Let’s take a closer look at bail bonds and the way that they work.

Our Douglas Bondsmen serve the following cities: Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Parker, and Larkspur.

Douglas County bail bonds

The laws in the area are very straight forward. Our trusted and experienced bail bondsmen are very familiar with the law in the county and the state. The good news for the clients is that the jail system accepts bail or bond around the clock and seven days a week. Therefore, there is no long extended wait. Some clients are able to post their own bail and get out of jail fast.

Others ask family members to help them post bail to get out of jail. However, the majority of people accused and arrested for a crime do not have enough money to post bail. They contact us. The process goes quite smoothly with the assistance of a Douglas County Bail Bonds service. We are professionals that handle all the paperwork and the payments for the client.

How is bail set?

A number of clients have questions about the entire bond and bail process. One pressing question concerns the bail. Who sets the bail? Well, generally the judge will set the bail for the defendant. However, some have established a set bail for certain common crimes.

Bail conditions

Once the bail is set and the client is released from jail, certain conditions must be met. The first condition is that the client appears in court on the appointed date set by the judge or the courts. If the client fails to appear in court, the judge might issue a warrant for their arrest.

Other conditions might include staying away from certain places or individuals too. Of course, the conditions that are set for bail depend on the crime that is committed by the individual.

Bail denial

Some clients ask about conditions where the bail is denied. True, this does happen in some circumstances. For example, the judge might think that the defendant would skip town if they were released on bail. Therefore, they are a flight risk and bail is denied. In other circumstances, the defendant committed a violent act or murder. Bail is automatically denied.

If your loved one is jailed and you need help fast, contact us at 303-778-0026 immediately for assistance.

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Jail fee: $40 ($30 Booking fee plus $10 bond fee)

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