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PDQ Bail was founded in 1978, a Denver Bail Bonds, Colorado company, which is a General Agency that specializes in bail in Denver, Colorado and surrounding counties. PDQ has licensed bondsmen working throughout the State of Colorado…

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Denver bailbonds

We are a Denver, Colorado family-owned company that has provided bail bond services throughout Colorado including the following counties: Denver, Aurora, Arapahoe, Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Douglas and Jefferson county. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest throughout the whole bail bonding process. We believe that no matter how small or large the bail bond is everyone should receive great service.

We have several Denver Bail Agents across the state ready to serve you should you come across a situation where you or a relative or a friend are in need of a Bail Bondsman. We like to provide a convenient and fast service to our clients and in addition, our Bail Bondsman are available anytime you call us we will be there to help!

Denver Bail Bonds


Sometimes people make mistakes. That just a part of life. We aren’t here to judge you or your family  we got into this business to help people who found themselves in a bad situation. When things are tough, the last thing you need is someone looking down on you or making assumptions  that’s not what we do.

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We help you to take action and make things better. Not only do we specialize in Colorado bail bonds, we are here to inform and help you understand bail bonds and the bail bond process. You have come to the right place  we are here to help you with your bail bond needs, not to make things harder for you. Call us today and let us start to turn things around for you and for your family.


Counties we Service

Denver Bail Bonds

Denver Bail BondsDenver Bail Bonds


We are a Colorado based family-owned company that has provided bail bond services in Denver County for over 30 years. We specialize in all types of Denver bail bonds, including domestic violence bonds, DUI bonds, traffic bonds, and juvenile bonds. We all ways have a Denver Bondsman on standby to assist you. Our Denver Bondsman will meet you at the Denver Detention Center located in Denver Colorado. You will meet with our Denver Bail agent and and sign paperwork and provide proof of income and he will provide you a receipt for fees collected. After all paperwork is complete our Denver Bondsman will post the bond and Defendant shall be released within two to 6 hours from Denver Jail.

Reach us 303-778-0026

Denver Jail: 303-778-0026

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Aurora Bail Bonds

aurora bail bondsAurora Bail Bonds


PDQ is a Colorado-based family-owned company that has provided Aurora bail bonds services in Aurora for over 30 years. PDQ has fully licensed bondsmen working throughout the state of Colorado. Our Aurora Bail Agents handle all types of bonds. We have a careful selection of the bondsmen to be part of us.

Our bondsmen genuinely care about clients and will do everything possible to help them resolve the unfortunate situations in their lives. Our bondsmen have worked with us for over ten years and therefore they are aware of all the necessary procedures. Our agents have been mentored and trained making them have a comprehensive knowledge of the court systems.

Our bondsmen are very willing to answer any questions so as to help you, a relative or a friend understand the bail procedures. While the court system is very intimidating and causes anxiety, PDQ replaces this with information and counseling hence making you a new person.

Aurora bail bonds

Aurora bail bondsmen are always available to respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year and at any jail time. Never will our bondsmen get tired of your calls even on the odd hours. You can call us to get free advice when you or a loved has need jailed in Aurora and its surroundings. All court processes are overseen by the judicial system and in each case, the court provides justice for every individual. When it happens that you are jailed then you can always consider our bail bonds.

Call our local offices

Sometimes we make mistakes. PDQ is not here to judge you, relative or friend. Our key business is helping those people who find themselves in bad situations. At your sour moments, the last thing you expect is someone looking down on you. Count on us at such moments and reach us on 303-778-0026.

You can make inquiries on domestic violence bonds, DUI bonds, Traffic as well as juvenile bail bonds. You can ask about the costs, appearances, locations and division of courts, terms of probation and any other information that you think will be of great importance when you taking the bail bonds.

PDQ has simplified the process as it is completed electronically. If you are having challenges completing the filling of the form and signing, you can call our ever ready bondsmen.

How Aurora bail bond works?

  • The jail collects a $50 fee
  • The bondsman is required by the jail to make an appointment before posting a bond of whichever category.
  • After the bond has been posted by the bondsman, the defendant should be released within 1-4 years
  • Our bail agents can complete the bail transactions electronically through emails, faxes and credit cards or visit the jail in person.


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Arapahoe County Bail Bonds

PDQ Arapahoe County Bail BondsArapahoe County Bail Bonds

Arapahoe County bail bonds hears about this happening all the time. A person lands in jail. Their first thought is about the quickest way to get out of jail and return home. Certainly, the first step is to request a bail to be set for the individual. Generally, that person is allowed to put up a bail and be released. The bail could be cash, property, or a bond. The person gives this in payment to the court, to assure the court that they will appear at a later date. However, if that person does not show up in court on the date assigned, the court gets to keep the bail and they will issue an arrest warrant for the individual that failed to show up in court on the assigned court date.

Please note the cities in Arapahoe county: Foxfied, Centennial, Sheridan, Deer Trail, Englewood, Cherry Hills, & Glendale

Arapahoe County bail

It is important to remember that the bail serves a very important purpose in Arapahoe County and across the state. The bail bond is a way to assure the court that the person will show up in court on the assigned day. Full bond payment is mandatory for the release of the person that was arrested and placed in jail. In addition, it should be noted that the bail might have several fees attached too. There are several types of bonds that are accepted by Arapahoe County. We will take a closer look in the following.

  • Cash Bond – The full bond is paid in cash to the court, returned upon appearing in court.
  • Property Bond – Real property is used in place of cash at the Arapahoe county clerk’s office.
  • Surety Bond – This type of bond is posted by a bondsman.
  • Personal Recognizance Bond- The court is allowed to authorize this bond that is based on the defendant’s signature to appear in court at an assigned date.
  • PR Bond With Cosigner – The defendant must find another person that will sign for their bond.

Bail requirements

Often, contacts would like to know if their family member actually qualifies for bail. We would like to clear confusion up about this important matter. Generally, everyone qualifies for bail. However, there are some exceptions worth noting. The court judge might deny bail for any individual that is accused of a violent crime or murder.

In addition, the judge sets the bail for those that qualify for bail. The judge usually looks at the defendant’s background, whether they are an escape risk, their criminal history, whether they are a danger to others, along with other important factors before actually setting a bail amount.

Court appearances

We would like to emphasize that it is important to show up in court on the appointed date, after getting released on bail. Those were the requirements set forward in the bond. A judge might issue a warrant for anyone that fails to show up on the appointed court date, increase the bail amount, or have them arrested.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 303-778-0026 for more information.

Jail Fee: $10.00 per bond.

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Adams County Bail Bonds

adams county bail bondsAdams County Bail Bonds

Adams County Bail Bonds is here to answer your call anytime of the day or night. We service the Adams County area. We realize that many of our clients are in a desperate situation and require fast assistance. We are here to provide immediate assistance to you and your loved ones, if you are within our area. Don’t hesitate to pick up the telephone and give us a call.

We also service the following cities: Brighton, Northglenn, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Thornton & Westminster.

Our agents are very experienced and knowledgeable about the court and the bail system in the county. We are licensed by the state and specialize in handling bail in this Adams County area. Let’s take a closer look at how Adams County Bail Bonds is able to assist you.

What is bail?

Perhaps, a loved one is arrested for a crime. They are allowed to post bail (money) to get out of jail and appear in court to face the charges at a later date. The courts set the amount of bail. Bail is a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court on the appointed date.

Often, the defendant is in a dire circumstance and his family is not able to come up with the bail money. They contact us, at this point. We step in and ensure that the bond is posted for the individual that was arrested. If the defendant shows up in court on the appointed date, the bail money is returned.

Failing to appear

The fact is that some defendants might fail to appear in court on the date that was set by the court. If the defendant does not appear on the appointed court date, a number of things might take place. For example, a warrant might be issued for their immediate arrest. The bail is revoked and the individual must return to jail immediately. In some circumstances, the judge might set another date for the defendant to appear in court. However, this is a rare event.

Bail rights

Certainly, the family of the defendant are filled with questions and concerns about the bail system. One question that we often hear concerns the right to bail. Under most circumstances, the individual arrested is entitled to bail. However, a number of factors weigh in on this circumstance. For example, the severity of the crime. Murder and other violent crimes might be exempt. A judge makes the ultimate decision surrounding the bail.

Posting bond

In order to post bond, we require that the defendant’s family show proof of identity and proof of income to get the ball rolling. Generally, all is required is a few pay stubs and a driver’s license. A piece of mail with identifying name and address is also accepted.

We are licensed Adams County Bail Bonds agents, which means that we work with people in Adams County and are licensed by the state. If you would like more information on the bail bond system or to hire our service, contact us at 303-778-0026.

Jail Fee: $10.00 per bond.

Directions to the Adams County Detention Facility / Jail.

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Jefferson County Bail Bonds

Jefferson County Bail BondsJefferson County Bail Bonds


Jefferson county bail bonds will help you in many ways.When you have been charged with a crime and jailed, a lot can be at stake. In the first place, between the time you’re arraigned until the actual hearing, months could pass. The courts are constantly overburdened and the wait can seem eternal. Lucky for you we specialize in Jefferson County Bail.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • If you remain locked up during this time, aside from being separated from family and friends, you’re losing your salary and that only adds to your problems.
  • While bail bond agents in Colorado must be licensed and bonded, each county has its own laws and rules concerning bail as well. At Jefferson County Bail Bonds we know and understand all the laws governing the legal rights and responsibilities, not only of bonding agents, but of defendants as well.
  • Normally, when a defendant makes a first appearance and the charges are read, the magistrate will set bail. Bail is a cash deposit paid to the court to assure the defendant’s appearance on the date of the hearing. If the defendant fails to appear as promised, this money would be forfeited and that only causes increased hardship on an already troubled family. In addition to that, a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest, thereby only increasing the seriousness of the charges already made against this individual.
  • If a family member or friend chooses to post bail it must be done either with cash, a Western Union money order of a check from a local attorney. No other method will be possible.

In any event, bail is normally somewhat too high for the average defendant and would be a severe burden on family members who might try to raise enough cash to cover this.

Our job here at Jefferson County Bail Bonds is to help you avoid further embarrassment and loss of income during this interim.

When you call PDQ Bail, a licensed and experienced agent can quickly arrange to post bail for you thus allowing for your immediate release. You will  be free to go about your daily business as if nothing had ever happened, and your only concern at this point will be to remember to appear before the court on the date promised. Not to appear can be costly, dangerous and humiliating. Of course, it would be impossible for a bail agent to post large amounts of money without some sort of security arrangement with a defendant.

This could be cash, but more commonly, it may involve real estate or other substantial property of value. Sometimes, family and/or friends will help to assure PDQ Bail that in the event of forfeit, the company will not lose the cash deposit it has made with the court.

In Colorado, as elsewhere, bail bond agencies naturally post great amounts of cash with courts. If they casually post bail for anyone without some sort of security, their business would quickly close its doors.

Even while holding security, rather than forfeit the amount of bail posted, most agencies will employ bounty hunters to track down the missing defendant and bring him to the authorities.

Bounty hunters too, are licensed and bonded and when looking for a fugitive, it must be remembered that they, like police officers, have the right to apprehend the fugitive through any means necessary, cuff him and somehow get him back to the courthouse.

Considering the modest cost involved, having Jefferson County Bail Bonds post bail for you and being released from jail is the only way to go. During the time between your release and your court appearance, no bounty hunters or others will bother you, and after appearing on the due court date the bond issue will terminate.

Being jailed whether guilty or not guilty, is not only embarrassing but difficult. A jail cell is not a pleasant place to spend days, or even months, waiting for your day in court.

When you dial 303-778-0026, Jefferson County Bail Bonds can have you back on the street in hours and free to act as you always do. You can be with your family, return to work and continue to earn your living and generally speaking, no one will even be aware of your having been arrested. Call us today!

Serving the following cities: Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Nederland, Morrison and Edgewater.

Jail Fee: $40 ($30 Booking fee plus $10 bond fee)

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Broomfield County Bail Bonds

Broomfield County Bail BondsBroomfield County Bail Bonds


PDQ is a family- owned company that has been rescuing defendants from jail for over 25 years. Our services extend to Colorado, Denver and Broomfield County Bail Bonds. Our bondsmen are fully licensed as per the state law and this makes us your perfect partner.

Our bail bond agencies work even at odd hours just to ensure that you do not spend much time in jail. We offer convenient and fast services whenever you, your relatives or friends need Broomfield County Bail bonds. At PDQ all forms bail bonds.

Broomfield bail bonds

Our Broomfield bondsman can answer your call 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. Our bondsmen do not tire you can come over and over again. Consultations are free of charge and our bondsmen offer detailed information to your satisfaction.

Call our local office

If you, a relative or friend need bail bonds and they are located in Broomfield, reach us on 303-778-0026. You can make inquiries on domestic violence bonds, DUI bonds, Traffic as well as juvenile bail bonds. You can ask about the costs, appearances, locations and division of courts, terms of probation and any other information that you think will be of great importance when you taking the bail bonds.

Our bondsmen work closely with the Broomfield courts. This enables us to have a better understanding of all legal undertakings and our services meet the standards. We can have someone to assist you as soon as you need us to have you released.

PDQ bail bonds have simplified the application. It is completed assigned electronically. If you have challenges filling the required forms, do not hesitate to contact us.

How Broomfield bail bonds work?

Before going for PDQ bonds, you need to have a better understanding of the state law. This will make you understand the process of bailing and you will not feel cheated. The following are some of the legal requirements:

  • The jail collects a $10 fee per bond
  • The bondsman is required by the jail to make an appointment before posting a bond of whichever category.
  • After the bond has been posted by the bondsman, the defendant should be released within 4-12 hours
  • The law offers two options to complete the transaction. This can be done electronically via emails, faxes and credit cards. The second option entails the bondsman going to the jail to make the transactions.
  • Broomfield has one detention facility and PDQ can even help you trace the list of charges, bonds amount and the next court date and time for the inmates in custody.
  • Our bondsman will only charge you a fee for the service, the bonding fee as described by the court and the booking fee charged by the detention center.

Directions to Broomfield Detention Center

Douglas County Bail Bonds

douglas county bail bondsDouglas County Bail Bonds

People get arrested for crimes and go to jail. Of course, they are anxious to get out of jail. Douglas County Bail Bonds is contacted all the time to help a client post their bail and get out of jail. We are one of the top bail bonding agencies in the area and once hired, we do all the important paperwork for the client.

We would like to assure clients that we are licensed and approved by the state to act for the clients that hire us. Let’s take a closer look at bail bonds and the way that they work.

Our Douglas Bondsmen serve the following cities: Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Parker, and Larkspur.

Douglas County bail bonds

The laws in the area are very straight forward. Our trusted and experienced bail bondsmen are very familiar with the law in the county and the state. The good news for the clients is that the jail system accepts bail or bond around the clock and seven days a week. Therefore, there is no long extended wait. Some clients are able to post their own bail and get out of jail fast.

Others ask family members to help them post bail to get out of jail. However, the majority of people accused and arrested for a crime do not have enough money to post bail. They contact us. The process goes quite smoothly with the assistance of a Douglas County Bail Bonds service. We are professionals that handle all the paperwork and the payments for the client.

How is bail set?

A number of clients have questions about the entire bond and bail process. One pressing question concerns the bail. Who sets the bail? Well, generally the judge will set the bail for the defendant. However, some have established a set bail for certain common crimes.

Bail conditions

Once the bail is set and the client is released from jail, certain conditions must be met. The first condition is that the client appears in court on the appointed date set by the judge or the courts. If the client fails to appear in court, the judge might issue a warrant for their arrest.

Other conditions might include staying away from certain places or individuals too. Of course, the conditions that are set for bail depend on the crime that is committed by the individual.

Bail denial

Some clients ask about conditions where the bail is denied. True, this does happen in some circumstances. For example, the judge might think that the defendant would skip town if they were released on bail. Therefore, they are a flight risk and bail is denied. In other circumstances, the defendant committed a violent act or murder. Bail is automatically denied.

If your loved one is jailed and you need help fast, contact us at 303-778-0026 immediately for assistance.

Directions to Douglas County Detention Center

Jail fee: $40 ($30 Booking fee plus $10 bond fee)

Douglas County Inmate Search


Boulder Bail Bonds

PDQ Boulder Bail BondsBoulder Bail Bonds


If you come from Boulder Bail Bonds, then you might have noticed that so many people come to PDQ Bail in times of trouble. We are the company that is there for you when you receive the late-night phone call with a family member who has ended up in jail and needs you to bail them out. We offer an array of services and here is a look at why we are the best Boulder bail bonds company.

Our Bail Agents service Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Seven Hills, & James Town

Save your money

We are driven by the county law of Boulder that states that the type of bond and condition of release shall be sufficient to reasonably ensure the accused appears in court and to protect the safety of the accused or the community.

Our services are normally aimed at working with the law to help you save money. You will only be required to pay 10% of the full bail amount and save or spend the 90% as you so desire. We will pay to the court and allow your friend or relative return to the community until his trial starts. We come in where the suspect cannot raise the bail asked by the court through his personal finances or family and friends.

Save your time

Normally, the family of the accused will require a 100% payment before the defendant can be released from jail. Getting the whole amount of money required can take some time. We understand that time is money and we help the accused make use of it. That’s why we pay the full installments after the defendant’s release.

Secure and convenient

PDQ Bail is the most convenient Boulder bail bonds company that allows you to pay your smaller bail bond installments with credit or debit, cash, and checks. Our online payment portal is secure and you don’t have to worry about your payments once you have sent them.

We have completely eliminated the need to head to the courthouse with a large amount of cash to bail out the accused. We are licensed and have a good standing in the area where you need assistance. We uphold the reputation we have acquired over the years to give you secure and convenient services.

Professional advice

The law of the county states that all persons in custody are eligible for release on bond with the appropriate and least restrictive conditions. But we give you the bond and the professional advice on the conditions of the court.

PDQ Bail is known in the rest of Colorado for its professional advisers. In fact, we have a team of professional and helpful bail agents we assign to each accused. They will offer you the best advice you need throughout the entire process and help you have an understanding of what exactly is going on. Like a lawyer, our agents want the best outcome for the accused.

To enjoy these and more services from PDQ Bail, make sure you call 303-778-0026 or check out our website.

Boulder County Jail: 303-441-4650

Address: 3200 Airport Road. Boulder, CO.80301

Jail Fee: $40.00 per bond.

Directions to the Boulder County Detention Facility / Jail.

When you need a bail bond fast call PDQ 303-778-0026