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If you come from Boulder Bail Bonds, then you might have noticed that so many people come to PDQ Bail in times of trouble. We are the company that is there for you when you receive the late-night phone call with a family member who has ended up in jail and needs you to bail them out. We offer an array of services and here is a look at why we are the best Boulder bail bonds company.

Our Bail Agents service Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Seven Hills, & James Town

Save your money

We are driven by the county law of Boulder that states that the type of bond and condition of release shall be sufficient to reasonably ensure the accused appears in court and to protect the safety of the accused or the community.

Our services are normally aimed at working with the law to help you save money. You will only be required to pay 10% of the full bail amount and save or spend the 90% as you so desire. We will pay to the court and allow your friend or relative return to the community until his trial starts. We come in where the suspect cannot raise the bail asked by the court through his personal finances or family and friends.

Save your time

Normally, the family of the accused will require a 100% payment before the defendant can be released from jail. Getting the whole amount of money required can take some time. We understand that time is money and we help the accused make use of it. That’s why we pay the full installments after the defendant’s release.

Secure and convenient

PDQ Bail is the most convenient Boulder bail bonds company that allows you to pay your smaller bail bond installments with credit or debit, cash, and checks. Our online payment portal is secure and you don’t have to worry about your payments once you have sent them.

We have completely eliminated the need to head to the courthouse with a large amount of cash to bail out the accused. We are licensed and have a good standing in the area where you need assistance. We uphold the reputation we have acquired over the years to give you secure and convenient services.

Professional advice

The law of the county states that all persons in custody are eligible for release on bond with the appropriate and least restrictive conditions. But we give you the bond and the professional advice on the conditions of the court.

PDQ Bail is known in the rest of Colorado for its professional advisers. In fact, we have a team of professional and helpful bail agents we assign to each accused. They will offer you the best advice you need throughout the entire process and help you have an understanding of what exactly is going on. Like a lawyer, our agents want the best outcome for the accused.

To enjoy these and more services from PDQ Bail, make sure you call 303-778-0026 or check out our website.

Boulder County Jail: 303-441-4650

Address: 3200 Airport Road. Boulder, CO.80301

Jail Fee: $40.00 per bond.

Directions to the Boulder County Detention Facility / Jail.

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